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Valentina by Kay

Travel scent diffuser

Travel scent diffuser

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Happy Love- 

The smell of the sea mingles with mediterranean flora and fauna and settles into sexy tobacco, olibanum and incense.


A sophisticated take on clean linen. Florals, musk, + white woods balance out fresh clean cotton and marine accords. 


Blooming floral scent perfectly blend. Apple, Lilac, Sandalwood and Violet this scents are uniquely beautiful. 


This fragrance is a blend of luxurious scents opening notes of resins and mandarin, jasmine and vetiver. 



  • small but holds 8ml of our fragrance oil mixture
  • string length: 7.5in

INSTRUCTIONS for car scent diffuser:

  1. unscrew the diffuser lid and remove the plastic stopper from the bottle.
  2. screw the diffuser lid back onto the bottle.
  3. turn the diffuser upside down for 2-3 seconds to soak the lid with fragrance.
  4. it's ready to hang. 
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